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D.C. Solar Solution Program

D.C. Solar Solution Program

D.C. Solar Solution Program


The D.C. Solar Solution Program is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with an initiative to install grid-connected solar panels at no upfront cost on properties located in the District of Columbia. What the homeowner pays in return is the electricity the panels produce, except at a rate that is fixed and priced 40% to 60% lower than current utility rates. This program has a target goal of installing 8,000 residential projects, representing only 5% of single family homes in the District. This program is possible with the strong incentives available from DC's RPS Act and the Federal iIvestment Tax Credit on solar. A residential solar system in D.C. can eliminate on average 80% of utility power usage.

As a background: The Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) Expansion Amendment Act of 2016, effective October 8, 2016, (D.C. Law 21-154;63 DCR 12926) (Act) established that 5% of electricity delivered in the District of Columbia must be provided by solar by December 31, 2032. In 2019, B22-0904 made significant amendments to the RPS by expanding the Tier 1 RPS resource to 100% by 2032 and the solar requirement to 10% by 2041. 

Current PPA Rate: $0.06/kWh

PPA Term: 20 Years

Upfront Cost: $0.00

Program Details

DC Properties Qualify

The program is available to all D.C. property owners or renters with landlord approval to receive free solar installation in Washington D.C. No credit checks are required for this program, and there are no maximum income qualifications. 


Reduced Rates

Fixed, locked-in electric rate at 7.5¢ per kWh (starting 10/1/2019) for all customers. Discounted rates are available for senior citizens, non-profits, and government workers. In comparison, standard Pepco rates in Washington D.C. ranges between 10.5¢ to 15¢ per kWh.

Fixed Rates

With the DC Solar Solution program, your rate is fixed and will never increase for 15 year program term. Standard utility rates increase annually at an average rate of 2.5%.

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