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"Why Is My Pepco Bill So High?"

DC Rates Just Went Up Again

If you’re a DC resident, be prepared to see your Pepco bill go up again this summer.

As of June 1, 2024, Pepco's rates increased for the second year in a row. Last month residents received a notice in the mail from Pepco announcing that the new SOS rate increased by about 8%. For the average residential customer, this will be around $8.12 per month. 


Earlier this year, Pepco submitted its Climate Ready Pathway DC Multi-Year Plan, which lays out significant rate increases over the next three years. The plan lays out about a 6% in rates for this year, next year, and 2026, but it hasn't been officially approved by the DC Public Service Commission yet. While the exact rate increase is subject to some variability, what’s clear is that these increases aren’t going anywhere. 

This table was taken from the official document submitted by Pepco to the DC Public Service Commission. It is still pending approval.

Based on the plan, the average residential customer monthly bill will increase from $97.06 to $114.66 over the course of this three year period.

The final decision on the plan will most likely be decided later this summer or early fall. Regardless of the exact outcome, what remains clear is that your electricity bill won’t be getting any cheaper. To avoid paying more and more each year for electricity, it’s time to install solar panels. Most residential solar systems reduce customer’s annual electricity bill by over 80%. Reach out to our team today to find out more!

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