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Residential Projects

Solar Solution installs only the best products made by the most reliable companies, with the best warranties available. Our panels are Tier 1 and we only use the most technologically advanced micro-inverters from Enphase Energy that comes with a 25-Year warranty and free monitoring. And of course, our residential installs are completed in only one day.

The average residential system is about 16 panels, a 6KW system, which would provide $800 worth of electric savings per year. The cost of that system would go for around $20,000. With the 26% tax credit, and an upfront SREC credit, the end cost would be $2,500. 

If a homeowner opts to not receive the upfront SREC credit, SREC's can be brokered and sold which would generate revenue of $3,000 per year, on top of the electric savings (for this size system). Value of SREC's decline over time. To read more about SREC's visit our partners at SRECTrade.

For homeowners that want to go solar with $0 upfront costs, check out the D.C. Solar Solution Program.

Solar Solution Install Washington DC


The Lilly's

I have been very satisfied with my experience with Solar Solution. I was well informed by the sales representatives every step of the way and was very comfortable with the process.

The Foster's

It is fun to watch the energy production day by day as we produce more electricity than we use. Interesting to see how the production changes.

The Pierce's

We were able to save money off our bills with zero out-of-pocket cost through programs offered by Solar Solution

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