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D.C. Solar Solution Program

LVL 2 Charging


Take Charge with LVL2 Charging 


Established in 2019, Solar Solution DC acquired LVL2 Charging LLC in 2021 as it recognized a new area where they could help the same carbon-conscious individuals improve their footprint through Electric Vehicle charging.

LVL2 Charging brings the same team of professional, reliable experts to the world of electric car charging. Providing efficient, honest, high-quality charging solutions for homes, condos and apartments, and businesses, LVL2 Charging collaborates with stakeholders across the spectrum of the Electric Vehicle world - engaging EV owners, auto dealerships, homeowner associations, policy makers, utility companies, charging technology leaders, and infrastructure makers.

If you’re looking for a charging solution for your EV, request a free quote from here. For a full list of service areas, visit our site below!

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