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Commercial Projects 

Solar Solution has helped over 100 local Washington DC companies make the switch to renewable energy.
That's not just good for the environment,
that's good for business

Commercial properties going solar in D.C. provides a win-win scenario. With Solar Solution's Power Purchase Agreement there are $0 upfront costs for installing a solar array on the roof, and in return the power provided from solar is purchased at a rate as low as 4 cents per kWh's, locked-in for 15 years. That's a 75% savings on current average commercial electric rates. Ownership, liability, and maintenance of the panels would be Solar Solutions responsibility.

For example, a 100KW system (225 panels) on a commercial building in DC would save the property $13,200+ every year with no upfront costs. 




We teamed up with local D.C. brewery Atlas Brew Works to help generate 100% of their energy needs. Their commitment to a greener America set a new standard for east coast businesses and won them the Districts Sustainable Energy Award.

Family owned local grocery chain 'Yes! Organic' has been dedicated to serving the Washington D.C. for over 40 years. By switching to solar, 'Yes Organic' continues their unwavering commitment to the many charities, communities, and customers throughout the DMV.




Installed by Solar Solution LLC, the solar project on the Colonnade features 200 KW’s of solar energy, making it the largest solar installation on a residential building in Washington DC.

River Park

Situated on the Southwest Waterfront, the River Park Condominiums and co-op spaces boasts a solar energy system that saves money.


Taylor Street


Located in the beautiful University Heights neighborhood, the Taylor Street CubeSmart  has proudly helped the Washington DC community in all of its storage needs. The company made the switch to solar energy in 2016.

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